Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fix for Apple TV iTunes error -15000

Recently there has been an error involving my apple TV being unable to connect to my iTunes homesharing network. After checking on the internet and various forums, I have seen that the problem I encountered is quite common and no set fix has been found with either hardware, software or an Apple update.

The error is that your Apple TV is unable to find your library that your iTunes homesharing is outputting, simply the library doesn't show up. With this error, all required components were correct, the correct firewall setting was applied yet still I couldn't connect to the Apple TV box so I started resetting everything from scratch.

In short the simple solution is to unplug the power cable from your Apple TV, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in so that the Apple TV is completely reset. You fortunately don't have to re-enter all your passwords for your Apple ID, just make sure your iTunes account's home sharing is on and that your Apple TV is connected to the same WI-FI as your PC.

Hope this solved all your problems

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