Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My top 5 iOS games for iPad

1 - Infinity Blade 2 ($6.99)

A game that rivals even regular console platforms in terms of quality, quantity, gameplay and graphics. Firstly when I think of the Infinity Blade series I think of a series that was made to showcase the graphical power of Apple's new top-class iOS devices like the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 and 4s.

I've played quite a few games on various platforms and Infinity Blade 2 rivals the best in terms of graphics. Using unreal engine 3 it shows off the true power and advancements of the mobile gaming genre.

Gameplay is smooth with the typical hack and slash controls but Chair has added two new classes to the original sword/shield class. Those two classes are the dual weapon and heavy weapon classes. These add content and great replay value while differentiating it from its predecessor.

It has a great storyline that keeps you intrigued and builds on Infinity Blade 1. Game Centre achievements add to the replay value and the desire to unlock new weapons and master them contribute too.

Infinity Blade is a top class game that sets the benchmark for future iOS games in terms of graphics, content and gameplay.
The new dual weapon class

2 - Dead Space for iPad ($0.99 On Sale, grab it now!)

While many games try to emulate and effectively copy Infinity Blade's gameplay, Dead Space is different enough to shock you into realising that not all iOS games have to be hack and slash. The controls are decent enough since there are no physical buttons and it makes use of the various control options the iPad offers.

Graphics are decent but the core of this game relies on its ability as a thriller, it keeps you on your toes while being increasingly intriguing. The game is very dark in both gameplay and visuals that add to the suspense.

My only criticism for this game has nothing to do with the game itself but rather the recent developments that have seen adverts for other games pop up on the home screen. It is a put off since this is a paid app that takes away from a fantastic game.

3 - Machinarium for iPad 2 ($4.99)

This game is strictly for iPad 2 since it is the only device that it is compatible with. The game is vastly different from anything else I have played since it is a 2d Puzzle game with visuals right out of and art book.

In Machinarium you are a robot that must figure out your way to get back into the city and solve various developments from helping a group of musicians to solving electrical problems. The puzzles are different and difficult and can make you feel like an idiot at most times. Machinarium provides a good 7 hours of gameplay for the average person but once again it is a game with good replay value.

The game is very rewarding since there isn't a better feeling than finally overcoming a difficult puzzle. The soundtrack and art makes the game for me, to put it blandly, it is superb. A definite must for those looking for something different and challenging.

4 - Asphalt 6 ($0,99 sale)

I felt obliged to add a game that makes use of the iPad's gyroscope and that means a racing game. Asphalt 6 has quality graphics and is a game that gives you a good feeling when playing it.

Hurtling down straights in supercharged cars or breaking ferociously to drift around corner, this game has it all. Keeping you intrigued with an Adrenaline Turbo while allowing you to eliminate competing cars in spectacular fashion.

Take a look if your looking for a qaulity racing game!

5 - Epoch ($2.99 sale)

In this review I've tried to include games in various fields, differing in genres. Epoch is the best "on-rails" shooter that I've come across in which your character, a robot, can only move left or right firing at enemies.

The game doesn't have a very interesting storyline but the controls and gameplay for an on the rails shooter is different and intuitive. Graphics are a little bit cinematic but are decent enough. My biggest criticism is the fact there is only one set of maps to play through and the only differential factor is playing them through in first easy then normal and finally hard difficulty.

The game can get challenging but only at the final battles with the "boss" so to speak. Earning money increases with each difficulty and allows you to purchase better equipment for more challenging levels.

This game is decent and the best in its class, I still play it since the gameplay is pleasing and therefore it makes my top 5

*Prices correct at time of article

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