Monday, 26 December 2011

iPad 2 review

Many new iPads have been found under the Christmas tree recently and I am here to provide you with the "what to do with an iPad" whilst also explaining this tablet to those of you who are considering purchasing it.

The iPad is a wonderful device that has changed the way I consume media, view news, read books, play games and access my various social networks. I mainly use my iPad in the evening while in-front of the T.V, effectively your "veging" time. Spending time surfing the net and keeping up to current affairs is a great way to spend your time by furthering your knowledge than by for example, watching a reality program.

Thin, light, fast - Perfect

I am pleasantly surprised with the innovation and outstanding User Interface that the iPad offers to its consumers. Upon starting up your new iPad you immediately feel like you have been using this device for years due to an interface that is unique yet surprisingly familiar and easy to operate.

The iPad to has an A5 processor that allows it you to play high quality 3d games, multi-task, access content rich websites quickly and even stream non-Mp4 video (the staple format iTunes allows) from 3rd party applications. It has flash storage that allows it to start up quickly even after a month of inactivity and is thin and light for perfect handheld use.

The iPad has a 10 hour battery life (of decent use) that can rival many netbooks and laptops in the market and in my experience takes about +- 5 hours to charge. The iPad has both a rear facing camera for picture taking and a front facing camera for video chat using Face Time or Skype. The Apple Smart cover is great to use as a protective screen and also proving a stand to view your iPad from.

The smart-cover, providing protection and great viewing angles.

Right to the "what to do's". Firstly browse the iTunes store for free apps that interest you and research the paid ones that you are interested in. Getting good quality games is always a high priority since it is highly entertaining and it shows off the power of the iPad, however many local iTunes stores cannot rival the American store in terms of both quality and quantity in terms of apps and I therefore suggest setting up an American Apple ID that allows you to access that content (I will explain how to do that in a future post).

As soon as your iPad is set up transfer your music collection to your iPad and buy some quality headphones (you will thank me for it later) that provide good sound for both your music and later games with wonderful soundtracks.

Check out the Camera and definitely download Skype for iPad to have those important video chats on a mobile device. iBooks has a vast collection from free, classic novels to recently released novels so take advantage of the free ones to assess whether you enjoy reading on this device or not. Next, download both the Facebook and Twitter app to access your favorite social media. Social media is a much more enjoyable experience on a tablet than a PC since it is mobile and you can take it around your house and it also trumps smartphones since the screen is bigger.

Typing on the iPad is great for sending short emails and updating social statuses, however its on screen touch keyboard can be difficult to some people when writing lengthy pieces since it doesn't provide physical buttons. The purchase of a bluetooth keyboard can change that, providing a surface that is responsive and innovative it can turn your iPad into a fast-output device that can look and operate like a netbook and just as easily become a handheld platform.

The Logitech keyboard-case for iPad 2

Perfect for typing on the go while also looking classy

Reading magazines is one of the best experiences on the iPad, subscribe to your favorite publication and access content rich magazines that are just a pleasure to read. Web browsing itself is enjoyable in its own right on the iPad with Apple's Safari browser.

Watching videos is a must on the iPad since you can go from laying  on your bed to sitting at a desk while watching quality hd videos. There are many streaming apps that allow the streaming of content form your pc to your iPad without the videos taking those vital GBs of storage. My favourites are VLC streamer and GoodPlayer. Apple has a fantastic thing called a podcast which are various shows or radio broadcasts that can be downloaded form iTunes that provide information on everything from a podcast talk-show to learning a new language.

In short, the iPad is a fantastic media consumption device that allows you to do almost anything that a person could want while providing an easy-to-use interface and plenty of apps easily becoming a daily staple it terms of use.

I would love to hear your thoughts, add them below.

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  1. That is ridiculus iPad takes maybe 2 hrs of 1 and a half hrs to charge! I have one and know this. It takes no where near 5 hrs to charge

  2. Thank you for the comment however there might be a few explinations for this. Firstly I live in South Africa where the voltage is different and I am using an adapter to use the American 30pin usb charger. Secondly I have been using an app that charges my iPad in segments that "supposedly" allow better battery life in the long run.

    After your comment I have looked at various forums and come across the fact that many people either have charging times around the 2-3 hour mark while many also have the 4-5 hour mark.

    The App that I use to charge also has an after charge that charges the iPad firstly for 50 min and then another trickle charge for 10 min.
    Hope that provides an explination for my time. I've had 25 full charges and 16 normal charges using that app and my full charges take about 5 hours from below 5%