Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Review of Adonit writer keyboard case for iPad 2

I recently purchased the Adonit writer for my iPad 2 since I was looking for a decent keyboard case for my iPad to type on the go.
"For writing more than a twitter post"

All fits in mobile case
The Adonit writer holds both your iPad and the keyboard in its case which is perfect for holding both together instead of carrying your iPad and a bluetooth keyboard separately. What strikes me first about the Adonit is its sleek look with a smooth protective cover and a nice feel interior with a grey color that complements both the iPad and the keyboard itself.

As I write this review from my iPad using the Adonit keyboard, one can easily see the keys are very small with a smaller than wanted space bar. The keys are fairly close together and a few errors are made over a large typing time.

Over time the keyboard feels more responsive as one gets used to the feel and spacing of the keys. The keys feel plasticky and differ to many PC keyboards and this may put off many people and honestly they do feel "cheap" and unresponsive at times but in general the typing experience is more than sufficient. Once used to the Adonit keyboard case, your typing speed dramatically increases in comparison to the iPad's touch screen keyboard.

Easy viewing angles
The Adonit keyboard has keys that allow you to control the volume power of your iPad, access slide shows, a home screen button and a button that takes you to the search page. The Adonit is powered my three AAA batteries that slide into the component just above the keyboard, this means that the Adonit isn't powered by a usb charged battery like most keyboards and thus it requires replacement batteries. I haven't used the keyboard long enough to judge how long it will last.

The keyboard and iPad sit snugly in the case and feel as if they were built for each other. The Adonit case obviously adds a bit of weight to your iPad but not as much as a aluminium case like the ZAGG-mate does.

I can only fault it on the size of its keys and the general size of the keyboard itself since it pretty small and people with big hands and fingers will struggle to type. Overall I am impressed with the Adonit writer since it is a great portable device that allows fast typing on the iPad while also proving to be extremely mobile as it keeps both iPad and keyboard in the case. I give it a solid 3,5/5.

Always happy to here your thoughts, add them below.
Adonit's website for more on the keyboard case

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